INTRODUCTION on Education and Mathematical Education

What education do they need, eager young minds of tomorrow?

Why are they forced to take Maths at school?

Is Maths respected mainly as a sure tool for selection? Will Emotional Intelligence replace it, and if yes, when?

What is Mathematical Literacy? What Maths do we need to teach and how?

Are “out-of-the-box thinking” questions a bridge between IQ and EQ?

Why do Western Powers (Europe and US), that have poor results in international comparative maths testing (PISA, Maths Olympiades), contunue to rule in Maths Education?

Kids’ questions for adults.

Thank you, my students!

18. 07. 2017

So proud for my students’ results at IB examinations (advanced maths) – see the picture below! They’ve taught me a lot of things. IBHAZ 2   [...]

L’homo post-sovieticus et la Suisse

20. 09. 2015

Ça fait 25 ans que je me soigne du syndrome de l’homo sovieticus: l’allergie au business. Et toujours sans succès. Le paradis du marteau et de la faucille offrait à ses ambitieux enfants [...]

Faut-il revoir tout notre système éducatif?

19. 09. 2015

Amy Chua, la «mère tigre» qui avait défrayé la chronique, revient avec un nouveau livre, «The Triple Package», qui met en lumière les ressorts de la réussite chez certaines minorités aux Etats-Unis. Commentaire [...]

PISA and International Education

07. 09. 2015

PISA and International Education by Dr Serge Hazanov Geneva   Any time new PISA results are released, they make headlines all over the world. On the planet of Education, they highlight a number [...]

On pros and cons of Bilingual Mathematical Education

06. 09. 2015

Proceedings CIEAEM 61 – Montréal, Quebéc, Canada, July 26-31, 2009 “Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica (Matematica)”, Supplemento n. 2, 2009. G.R.I.M. (Department of Mathematics, University of Palermo, Italy) 499 On pros and cons [...]

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June 2019 Problem

01. 06. 2019|Difficulty:

In US, when we write a date, month comes before the day.

In Europe, the day comes before the month.

How many dates could be misread during one year?


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