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My new podcast at the radio “Country of talents”

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interview for the channel “Literary Review”. 9.12.21 Интервью каналу “Литературное Обозрение” 9.12.21

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New Book of Poetry

Here is the cover of the new book of poetry by Serge Hazanov  "Brownian Motion" (in Russian and in English) published in 2018. Voici la couverture d'un nouveau livre de poésie par Serge Hazanov "Le mouvement brownien" (en russe et en anglais) apparu en 2018 Обложка новой книги стихов Сергея Хазанова "Броуновское движение" (на русском [...]

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Dr Hazanov’s song Awesome Russian Math Teacher

Here are two songs that my wonderful students composed on the basis of our teaching-learning process. Enjoy  

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Прекрасные воспоминания с Цюрихского спектакля "Математика и Поэзия". Волшебная публика! Sweet memories from the show "Poetry and Mathematics" in Zurich. What a magic audience! Souvenirs agréables du spectacle "Poésie et Mathématiques" à Zurich. Un merveilleux public!    

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Pedagogical Day May 2016 Collège du Léman 13:30   Teaching High School Maths Geniuses

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Conference "The Joy of Maths" Geneva June 20  

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SHOW POEMATICS June 16th 2016

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Nation of priests

Since 1948, Europe and US see Israel as a state of Holocaust victims, a state-shelter and not more than that. "Stay quiet in your corner, know your place and don't raise head without permission, - they repeat. "To defend yourself, to protect your interests, to act as any other state in the world - no [...]

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Teacher and professional excellence

Does a High School Teacher need to be an expert in his domain, outside of the school Syllabus? Is it sufficient for him to be a good professional, to teach well Pythagoras theorem, Shakespeare and Molière, and not care about the recent scientific discoveries or literary publications? In my childhood in the "barbaric" Soviet system, I was [...]

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What education we need?

What education we need  today in our best of the worlds? In French, the word "éducation" is an anglicisme. It'll be better to say instruction. Education comes from the Latin ex-ducere, guider, conduire hors. Instruction comes from the Latin instructio, "action d'adapter, de disposer". In 11th century Andalousia, Muslim knights, plus to traditional military skills, [...]

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