Dear friends and visitors of our site! Welcome back to Poematics. here is our new Problem:

The front tyre of a racing bike is guaranteed for 9000 km and the rear tyre – for 3000 km.

How long can the bike run on these tyres ?

Waiting for your solutions.

Serge Hazanov


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Dear friends and visitors of the site.

Thank you for your solutions.

The first to send a correct solution was Jeanne. Bravissimo to her!


Here is my solution:

A rear tire wears our 3 times faster than the front one.

So after some time it will be 75% used and the front tyre – 25% used.

This is after 0.75 x 3000 = 0.25 x 9000 = 2250 km.

At his moment the tyres should change place abd they will run again 2250 km.

Thus the maximal possible distance is 4500 km.

Thank you again and let's attack our November Problem!


Serge Hazanov