A group of tourists has a lunch. Two different jars of apple juice and of strawberry juice are put on the table.

Each tourist takes a 200-ml glass of fruit cocktail, mixing both juices at random. Jack takes a sixth of the apple juice amount and an eighth of the strawberry juice amount. Every glass contains both juices. How many people are in the group?

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Dear visitors, many thanks for your solutions. Many of them were correct, though not always optimal. The first ones to answer correctly were Hyun-Woo, Samson, Clara and Christian. My congratulations!
    Here is my solution:   If a is the quantity of the apple juice and s - of the strawberry juice, then Jack consumed (a/6+s/8).   Every tourist  had the same glass, so for n tourists, (a/6+s/8)n = a + s. Rearranging, we get                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4a(- 6) = 3s(8 - n).

n should be natural, so the only possibility is n = 7.