A rich merchant left a testament: If my wife delivers a boy, after my death she receives 1/4 of my property and my son - 3/4. If this is a girl, my wife receives 3/4 and my daughter - 1/4. A week after the merchant passed away, his wife delivered twins - a boy and a girl. How will you share the heritage between them, respecting the merchant's will?

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Dear visitors, thank you for your solutions. Many of them were interesting, but sadly incorrect. Here is my solution: In both cases the pattern is that the mother receives 3 times less than her son and three times bigger than her daughter. Thus, we have 13 shares - 1 daughter's, 3 mother's and 9 son's. Thus, the girl should receive 1/13 of the capital, her mother 3/13 and the boy - 9/13. Respectfully, Serge Hazanov